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Trees, Flowers & Shrubs Workshop

3 nights / 4 days

Workshop runs for 4 days and is immersive.

Expert Flora Guide

Learn from the very best bush guides.

Trees, Flowers & Shrubs workshop
Workshop Information

Trees, Flowers & Shrubs Workshop

The Trees, Flowers & Shrubs workshop takes place on a private reserve in the Greater Kruger National Park. A reserve that is rich in plant and tree diversity. In between the Mopani bush thicket, you will find a landscape that exudes life from beneath to above the soil.

This weekend workshop will push you and deepen your knowledge on plant and tree life in the Greater Kruger Park region. You will have an expert guide who specialises in Trees, Flowers and Shrubs that will impart their years of wisdom upon you.

During the weekend, you can expect to walk a number of different trail paths, stopping at each tree, flower and shrub to identify and learn more. We will do numerous sessions and expect to potentially see trees and shrubs that you have never seen before.

By the end of the workshop, you will be able to identify more plants and trees than before and share in-depth information on each. You will feel empowered and ready to share the new knowledges you’ve gained.

Additional Tree, Flower & Shrubs Workshop Information

  • The workshop is self-catering
  • You will join a group of other tree and plant life enthusiasts
  • Workshops are booked for groups with up to 8 participants
  • You will be given materials upon arrival
  • Minimum age of 13 years old
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