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3 nights / 4 days

Guided trail runs for 4 days and is immersive.

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Be guided by some of the very best safari guides.

Specialist Guides - James Hendry
Trail Information

Specialist Guides Trail

Imagine a guided trail on our private big 5 reserve with one of your favourite safari guides. We invite some of the most well known and respected guides in the safari industry to run 4 day walking trails on a private reserve. Unfenced from the Kruger Park and completely wild.

Previous guided trails have included the likes of James Hendry, Renias Mhlongo and many more. This weekend trail will allow you access to these top guides where you will learn and be thoroughly entertained throughout.

Over the course of the weekend, you can expect to learn and grow from the shared wisdom of our specialist guides. You will also laugh and be captivated by stories told around the fire. Memories will be made that last a lifetime.

Specialist guides are available upon request for groups of 8 people. We additionally run specialist guide trail weekends on an ad-hoc basis. Inquire now to see which guides we have coming up in the near future.

Additional Specialist Guides Information

  • The guided trail is self-catering
  • You will join a group of other bush and wildlife enthusiasts
  • Trails are booked for groups with up to 8 participants
  • Minimum age of 13 years old
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