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Team Building Retreat

3 nights / 4 days

Retreat runs for 4 days and is immersive.

Expert Guide & Leader

An expert guide and leader to bring your team together.

Team Building Kruger Park
Retreat Information

Team Building Retreat

Set in the wild and untamed big 5 bushveld of the Greater Kruger National park, there is no better place to bring your team together for challenges, learning and growth. Be immersed in the bush while you bond and problem solve as a team.

On our team building weekend you will be mentored by an expert guide and leader who has years of experience and knows how to bring out the best in your team. You will explore the bush, learn together and challenge each other in ways like never before.

Expect to get your hands dirty as you and your team traverse the untamed wilderness on foot. Setting up camp, digging for water, taking turns on night duty and sleeping under the stars is all part of this wild and immersive experience.

By the end of this weekend your team will have bonded and overcome adversity. As a unit, they will be closer and trust will be cemented. We can accommodate groups of up to 8 and customise activities to suite your needs. Book today as dates are limited.

Additional Team Building Retreat Information

  • The team building retreat is self-catering
  • Team building retreats are booked for groups with up to 8 participants
  • You will be given any materials upon arrival
  • Minimum age of 16 years old
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