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Who Can Apply?

Anyone who wants to become a Trails Guide and those looking to spend some quality time on foot in the bush.


Observers working towards their Trails Guide qualification are required to log 50 hours with 10 encounters signed off by an authorised FGASA Trails Guide.

FGASA Observer Trails
Training Information

Observer Trails

An observer is anyone who wants to become a Trails Guide or who simply wants to partake in walking trails. Anyone who partakes in or on a trail; be it day walks or backpacking trails is seen as an observer. A group of friends wanting to do a Kruger trail for example can be classified as observers.

For those wanting to become a Trails Guide:

A minimum of 50 hours on a trail as an observer is required. These trails must be led by a FGASA Professional Trails Guide, or SKS (DG) Guide.

Additionally, 10 encounters are required from at least 3 of the animal categories.

These hours can be logged in the workplace during guiding based activities, during a FGASA endorsed Apprentice Trails Guide course, or during Wilderness or Backpacking Trails in areas where free roaming dangerous game occur. Observers are able to log hours by getting them signed off as above.

Once these 50 Observer hours and 10 encounters are completed, the Observer has been declared competent. The applicant then needs to obtain an Advanced rifle handling certificate and pass the required unit standards, complete (pass) the FGASA Trails Guide theory examination and workbook.

At this point the applicant then contacts a recognised FGASA Trails Guide Mentor and undergoes a one-on-one 10 hour assessment. If signed off, the Applicant can enter the Apprentice Trails Guide programme.

Additional Observer Training Information

  • Mentored by a lead FGASA trails guide
  • 50 logged hours required to complete Observer Trails
  • 10 dangerous game encounters
  • 10 hour one on one assessment with FGASA mentor
  • For more information, see the FGASA website.
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