Manukuza Safaris

Primitive Trail

3 nights / 4 days

Primitive trails are a minimum of 3 nights / 4 days. Longer trails can be arranged.

Primitive Camping

Sleep under the stars, unfenced and inside big 5 territory.

From R3650 per person for 3 nights

Greater Kruger Backpack Trail
Location & General Information

Manukuza Primitive Trail

On the Manukuza Primitive Trail, trailests will explore big 5 game roaming free from one of two locations in either the Balule Nature Reserve which forms part of the Associated Private Nature Reserves (APNR) within the Greater Kruger National Park or the Greater Makalali Name Reserve (GMNR).

Our primitive trail takes trailests back to their core. We pack a light load on our backs and let the bush guide us as we track animals and find our way to an overnight sleeping spot.

There, we start a fire, dig for water and let the sounds of the bush put us to sleep under the brightly lit stars.

Trailests will need to be able to hike several kilometers with a pack on their back. Therefore they should be in good health.

The group will be accompanied and guided by two armed and accredited trails guides. The guides will educate and share their knowledge and experience as we progress on the trail.

You will need to bring your own gear and food.

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Additional Primitive Trail Information

  • Trails are self-catering
  • Trails are a minimum of 3 nights / 4 days
  • Trails are booked for groups with up to 8 participants
  • All participants are expected to take turns on night duty around a small fire.
  • Cooking is done on gas stoves
  • Minimum age of 16 years old

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between a Backpack Trail and a Primitive Trail?

The main difference is that with a Primitive Trail, you sleep under the stars and partake in activities such as digging for water. When on a Backpack Trail, you sleep inside tents.

Can I book for an individual or do I need to be part of a group to attend a backpack trail?

You can book as an individual or group. As an individual, you will be slotted in to a group based on your preferred dates.

Can you supply myself or my group with backpacking gear?

Yes we can most definitely assist. Please get in contact with us to specify your gear requirements.

Can I book a customised backpack trail experience?

Absolutely! Get in contact with us to share your requirements and we will work to make it happen. Customised trails will require a group booking.

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